Rehabilitation Hero

Reho allows the patient to walk on the ground by moving his body through space in order to recover complete proprioception of the body.

It makes patients’ legs move by reproducing the normal gait cycle.

Rehabilitates walking function in patients suffering from pathologies resulting from injury or degeneration of the central nervous system.

Rehabilitates and prevents secondary pathologies in patients suffering from complete spinal cord diseases.

It is adjustable according to the anthropometric measures of the patients and the flexible structure allows for the best fit to different body shape.

The walk takes place in total safety, without any fall risk, as Reho is anchored to a rail fixed to the ceiling.


See REHO in action!

A walk to take together

Step by step with the patient

The contribution of the device to the passive movement of the patient’s legs can vary depending on the needs of the subject and is also set by the operator independently for the two legs.

Partial and total weight relief

It allows partial or total weight relief ensuring the therapy can be started even with patients who are not yet able to load their body weight on the joints. This way it is possible to start earlier acting on brain plasticity by stimulating the brain with combined motor and cognitive training.

Combined training

It allows the exoskeleton to be stopped in random positions of the gait cycle so as to be able to carry out combined training motor and cognitive by associating the passive movement, carried out by the exoskeleton, with the focusing of attention on the movement through Mental Practice exercises (Motor Learning and Motor Imagery).

Proprioception of your own body

It allows the patient to walk on the ground along a guided path, thus promoting proprioception of their body in space while continuing to guarantee the reduction of the pre-established weight and prevent the risk of fall.


Certification and patents

The Reho exoskeleton by Nimble Robotics is a CE marked product and is protected by three patents.

Anthropometric adjustment

Reho is adjustable to be worn by patients of different heights and body shapes.

Walking on the ground

The patient walks by moving the body in space for complete proprioception of the body.

Weight relief

Reho is adjustable for partial or total relief of patients’ bodyweight.

Ergonomic and comfortable

The flexible structure makes Reho suitable for different body shapes and the strategically positioned padding makes it comfortable to wear